I Don’t Know and It’s Okay

Growing up, I remember there was this toy that I would play with. The objective was to fit the wooden pieces through the matching cut-out shape. A triangle piece could only fit through the cut-out area for a triangle and so on and so on. I remember using all my little strength to try to squeeze these wooden pieces into the incorrect spot. No matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn’t fit.   

A Year from Today

Happy Tuesday! I have something different for you today. I know you’re expecting a post where I write a few words, make you laugh, make you think, or as some of you have told me, make you cry (sorrrry). Today, I’m not doing any of that.


So you finally discovered what your purpose is and you are ecstatic, excited and elated! You're ready to jumpstart things and finally begin walking in your purpose. That's nice. Why?

Sex & Celibacy |Guest Interview w/Mimi from iWaited Blog

Check out this month's guest interview with creator & founder of iWaited Blog, Myrlande "Mimi" Desulme. She shares her experience on stepping out and starting a blog, being transparent about her love life, from sex to purity. This interview is SOOOOO good! Click below to see it in full. Don't forget to subscribe to my … Continue reading Sex & Celibacy |Guest Interview w/Mimi from iWaited Blog