3 Things 2017 Taught Me: Pt.2

The second thing that 2017 taught me (read what the first thing is here) is that failure is a large part of success. I was able to have an AMAZING year because of my past failures. For example, I have been able to relate to so many of my readers and recent clients because of my past failures. I do not have the typical story...


3 Things 2017 Taught Me: Pt.1

I cannot believe we are already at the end of 2017. This year has been full of new experiences for me as I started blogging (again) and coaching. So for the next few posts I’m going to share with you, three things that I’ve learned in 2017. Numero uno… People are watching you. (insert spooky music)


Hold Up 2018

We are in the fourth quarter of 2017. Just like that the year is almost over. We are just a few days into the last quarter and I’ve received about 5 emails from various bloggers and entrepreneurs, discussing how this is the last quarter of 2017, so we need to be preparing for 2018. I… Continue reading Hold Up 2018


Sex & Celibacy |Guest Interview w/Mimi from iWaited Blog

Check out this month's guest interview with creator & founder of iWaited Blog, Myrlande "Mimi" Desulme. She shares her experience on stepping out and starting a blog, being transparent about her love life, from sex to purity. This interview is SOOOOO good! Click below to see it in full. Don't forget to subscribe to my… Continue reading Sex & Celibacy |Guest Interview w/Mimi from iWaited Blog


Complaining Is Too Easy #HurricaneIrma

Living in South Florida, we are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irma. Millions of people are still out of power and some have no water. I've watched people take to social media to complain about what they don't have over the past few days. Meanwhile, there are people who had their entires homes… Continue reading Complaining Is Too Easy #HurricaneIrma